Art is an event Event is an artwork

Creative agency abd: Entertainment offers its services for corporate and private events of any level of complexity. 

Our team has 10 years on the event market! Created more than 300 unique scenarios! Implemented more than 400 successful projects!


A grand gift for all women Materia Medica of The Great Gatsby

Speaking about the 22 - year anniversary of Materia Medica, to exclaim : "Behold ! That must be such corporative ! "

Oscar, how it should be

Walk up the street to any person and ask whether difficult Make us your Oscar Party?

Disco for Zhiguley in good condition

New Year event Moscow Brewing Company has been of great scientific importance .


Capitalists of all countries, fall in love.

Despite all the talk about the benefits of the development of corporate culture , that the happier employees , the better their performance , even Karl Marx wrote that "the primary goal of any enterprise - is making a profit ," and not caring about the pleasures and joys of their employees.

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